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At Digestive Research of Central Texas, your health is important to us. We understand your diagnosis is a difficult one. You have had to make immediate lifestyle changes. You may have no approved medication options available. You have far more questions than answers.

As our nation’s health problems continue to grow, we need to take an innovative approach to address the challenges presented. Working alongside your physician, we offer the extra care you need in an environment designed to provide you with the best healthcare information, support, and emerging treatment options. We are committed to providing you with every resource available and will be with you every step of the way.

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About Digestive Research of Central Texas

Digestive Research of Central Texas is an integrated research provider where we conduct clinical research trials in digestive diseases such as NASH, also known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, and colorectal cancer screening. Partnered with ObjectiveHealth, our research center is embedded inside Waco Gastroenterology Associates, where they have been proudly serving the residents of Waco for over 40 years.

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Through clinical research we are providing you more options and control in your care.

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Current Studies

We are currently enrolling patients in clinical trials in the following therapeutic areas:

General Digestive Health Disorders

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