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Technology Embedded in the Workflow

Our offerings improve the entire research process. Utilizing our unique integrated electronic health record (EHR) approach, we apply ObjectiveHealth technology and health algorithms to find the right patients for the right specific trials. This differentiating process leads to accelerated study timelines. Let our advantages become your advantage.

Tech That Works for Science

Our software and processes, coupled with our relationships with providers, enable us to deliver a unique service that will accelerate your traditional trial execution while having the flexibility to support hybrid and virtual trial designs.

ObjectiveScreen Graphic

Our experience, tools, and processes offer a smarter, more efficient way to find at-risk patients and deliver qualified research candidates:

Accelerated Timelines

Using technology-enabled data access for faster trial screening and enrollment.

Unparalleled Feedback

Looping together physicians, investigators, coordinators, and patients seamlessly.

Improved Healthcare

Through precise clinical insights provided for physicians, patients, and research teams at the point of care.

Real-World Evidence

Our direct access to patients in both a real-world setting and a clinical trial setting has created several opportunities to advance medical research.


  • Differences in liver elastography in non-diabetic, prediabetic, and known diabetic patients based on HbA1c levels in community-based gastroenterology practices (AJG 2020). Learn more.
  • Understanding gender differences in NAFLD progression utilizing common liver biomarkers (AJG 2020). Learn more.
  • Effectiveness of non-invasive test sequencing for screening patients with moderate to advanced NASH fibrosis (TBA).
  • Improving patient retention in NASH trials with a technology-enabled research team in the GI practice (ACG 2021).