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Leveraging Data Science for
Optimized Trial Performance

ObjectiveScreen, an ObjectiveHealth technology platform, is a site portal that identifies, prequalifies, and ranks patients for specific clinical trials, optimizing trial performance and outcomes.


Transforming Clinical Trials through Artificial Intelligence

Through data science and machine learning models, patients are risk stratified against evidence-based physiologic and molecular biomarkers to identify most qualified candidates and matches them to related clinical trials. This leads to expedited ideal patient identification, increased trial enrollment and reduced screen failures.

Real-Time Risk Assessment
Smarter Trial Candidate Selection
Intervention at the Point of Care
  • Real-Time EHR Integration
    Through EHR integration, ObjectiveScreen notifies users in real-time when a high-risk candidate is identified by a provider, expediting the patient recruitment timeline.
  • At-Risk Patient Prioritization
    Patients in ObjectiveScreen are ranked in real-time by risk score, with higher risk patients being screened for a study before those with lower risk, prioritizing those most likely to qualify for a study.
  • Visibility to Provider Calendar and Scheduling
    Utilizing the provider calendar view, users can proactively schedule a prescreen visit based on when the patient is planned to be in the provider’s office next, optimizing both the patient and provider’s time.
  • Streamlined Patient Communication
    Using ObjectiveScreen’s embedded texting and calling capabilities, users can communicate directly with patients about appointment reminders and rescheduling options, efficiently streamlining patient communication.