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Community Health Centers

Your Mission: Amplified

Our community health centers-of-excellence offer new treatment options for physicians and their patients regardless of location, socioeconomic status, or history with clinical research.

Prioritizing Community Health to Promote Health Equity

We partner with community health centers with a joint mission to provide advanced care options and improve quality care delivery in historically underserved and/or rural communities. Patients within these communities benefit by having access to new and innovative therapies at no cost, innovative diagnostics, and more care provided by their provider and research team.

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Community Health Center Benefits

  • Integrated research platform at the point-of-care
  • Patient-centered care that is “frictionless”
  • Profitable partnership branded to the health center
  • ObjectiveHealth manages all research teamwork
  • Offers fair market value for research work done

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Patient Benefits

  • Access to advanced diagnostic through research
  • More frequent health check-ups
  • No cost to the patient or insurance billed
  • Awareness and education about their health
  • An additional 2-3 hours of care per month


We provide research infrastructure and study implementation tools and help with optimal trial selection and management of key research personnel.


It is imperative that we offer even more support for patients at the point of care; in the communities, where patients live.


Our clinical care coordinators are embedded on-site and are using our advanced clinical research technology to ensure providers and patients have a seamless experience.

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