ObjectiveGI Announces Name Change to ObjectiveHealth

The name change to ObjectiveHealth reflects a provider-focused approach that emphasizes health and embraces care more broadly.

NASHVILLE, TN, September 14, 2021 – ObjectiveGI, the integrated research and technology services platform company, announced today that they have launched a new brand identity and name change to ObjectiveHealth. The announcement comes after a year of rapid growth and market demand to expand their clinical research capabilities and leverage their proprietary technology solutions.

The name change to ObjectiveHealth reflects a provider-focused approach that emphasizes their dedication to improve patient healthcare options and embraces care more broadly. Last year, the company realized it was time to harness its unique approach to clinical research to deliver additional care options and enhance the care to more patients in more healthcare areas.

“This name change is an important opportunity for us to expand our thinking of what is possible in research and how we can contribute more to improving healthcare, while supporting our stakeholders,” said Colleen Hoke, co-founder, and chief executive officer of ObjectiveHealth.

With a primary scientific focus on prevalent gastrointestinal diseases like fatty liver disease, metabolic syndrome, and next generation diagnostics, ObjectiveHealth is expanding into new research areas.

“This is an exciting change for our organization as we strategically embrace the future of healthcare,” said Dr. Don Lazas, MD, co-founder, and chief medical officer of ObjectiveHealth. “Our name change builds upon our history of innovation and quality, which will help position us for new opportunities as we continue to transform patient care.”

Founded by a gastroenterologist and research executive, clinical research at the point-of-care will continue to remain at the core of the organization.

About ObjectiveHealth:

ObjectiveHealth is a leading integrated research provider partnering with physicians and healthcare organizations to establish advanced infrastructure for research programs. The company takes an innovative approach to research that aims to improve patient outcomes at the point-of-care. Utilizing proprietary technology, processes and trained on-site personnel, ObjectiveHealth delivers significant advances in the conduct of clinical research, benefiting clients and partners while providing broader care options for patients. Approaching 20 partnered programs across 13 states and over 240 providers, ObjectiveHealth is poised for continued growth due to the realized value of their healthcare solutions for all stakeholders. To learn more, visit: www.objective.health.