ObjectiveGI Partnering with ARcare to Provide Advanced Diagnostics and Cutting-Edge Treatment Options for Patients

The clinically integrated research platform will provide thousands of patients with chronic digestive health conditions in the ARcare network access to advanced care options.

NASHVILLE, TN, September 1, 2020 ObjectiveGI, the integrated research and technology services platform company, announced today it has partnered with ARcare, a federally qualified health care system in Arkansas, Kentucky and Mississippi, to bring advanced diagnostics and new care options to patients through ObjectiveGI’s integrated clinical research platform. ObjectiveGI seamlessly integrates GI research services into local health care practices to provide state-of-the-art science at the point of care. The partnership will offer patients within ARcare’s network the ability to participate in premier clinical research.

“The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of clinical research as a critical resource, and we’re seeing renewed patient interest in access to diagnostics and therapeutic care options via clinical trial participation,” said Colleen Hoke, co-founder and CEO, ObjectiveGI. “To bring the option of more research participation to ARcare’s patients is a huge step forward not only for research, but community health overall.”

The goal of the strategic partnership between ObjectiveGI and ARcare is to enhance community health and advance digestive health research, as well as provide specialized care to patients suffering from NonAlcoholic SteatoHepatitis (NASH), which will soon be the leading indication for liver transplantation in the United States.

“Our mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare for all regardless of the level of insurance coverage,” said Dr. Steven Collier, MD, CEO, ARcare. “Our new relationship with ObjectiveGI gives us the ability to continue focusing on this mission, while providing patients with GI-related conditions like NASH more care options.”

“We are excited to enhance care options for thousands of patients in the ARcare community by providing clinical research services that can assist in optimizing management for silent chronic diseases like NASH,” said Dr. Don Lazas, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, ObjectiveGI.

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ObjectiveGI is an integrated clinical research provider and technology platform creating centers-of-excellence across the US in partnership with physician groups and other healthcare organizations. They provide services and technology within 14 partnered programs across 12 states, supporting over 140 providers. Their scientific focus is on prevalent diseases like fatty liver disease and the metabolic syndrome, providing services that transform patient care.


ARcare is a Federally Qualified Health Care System that provides the highest quality primary care services to patients in Arkansas, Kentucky and Mississippi.