ObjectiveHealth Unveils ObjectiveView, a Technology Portal Giving Clinical Trial Sponsors Unprecedented Data Access

NASHVILLE, Tennessee, Feb. 7, 2023 — ObjectiveHealth, an integrated research and technology platform company, today announced the launch of ObjectiveView, a technology portal that provides the sponsors of clinical trials with an unprecedented level of transparency into the process.

Clinical trial sponsors are invested in the process of running trials but are rarely in the loop about their day-to-day progress. ObjectiveView changes that by offering real-time access to recruitment and trial data that have not historically been available, providing valuable insights along the way.

“It is imperative that sponsors have real-time access to study and site-specific quality performance metrics throughout the duration of the trial, particularly during the early period of patient recruitment,” said Colleen Hoke, co-founder and chief executive officer of ObjectiveHealth. “With ObjectiveView, sponsors now have an opportunity to follow trials from beginning to end, with six to eight weeks faster intelligence on the pace of enrollment and retention.”

ObjectiveView offers visibility into the recruitment funnel of clinical trials, encompassing the prescreening, screening, enrollment and retention stages. Sponsors can view completed chart reviews, demographics, reasons for exclusion, patient eligibility metrics and the number of patients ready for their first screening visits.

The technology platform provides data on the number of people who have enrolled, screened and screen-failed in a study, keeping sponsors up to date on current status, trends at each site and the projected timeline. Enrollment metrics are visually streamlined to help sponsors quickly understand the status of enrollment goals to ensure they are being met.

“Challenges can present themselves at every stage of a clinical trial, and ObjectiveView provides an opportunity for sponsors to address potential trends that could lead to a slowdown,” said Josh O’Rourke, chief technology officer of ObjectiveHealth. “We see ObjectiveView as a step forward in responding to sponsors’ needs and recognizing the added perspective that they bring.”

ObjectiveHealth officially announced ObjectiveView at 2023 Summit for Clinical Ops Executive (SCOPE), currently taking place in Orlando, Florida.



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