ObjectiveHealth Announces 30th Research Center of Excellence

Nashville-based research and technology company currently has active research centers in 16 states across the country

NASHVILLE, Tennessee, April 6, 2023 ObjectiveHealth, a Nashville-based integrated research and technology platform company, today announced the opening of its 30th research site, Amarillo Premier Research, in Amarillo, Texas.

Since establishing its first research center in Nashville in 2018, ObjectiveHealth has expanded to 30 cities across 16 states, providing clinical research focused in the therapeutic areas of gastroenterology, dermatology, urology, oncology, biomarkers and metabolism disorders. Over 70 percent of its centers are located in smaller cities or rural communities, enabling it to reach the most diverse population possible.

Working in partnership with ObjectiveHealth, physicians are able to stay focused on patient care without becoming enmeshed in issues unrelated to their clinical practice. Through the addition of clinical research as a care option, physicians are able to grow and differentiate their practices from others in their region.

“Clinical research will help lead us to answers for some of the most urgent healthcare challenges we face in our society,” said Colleen Hoke, co-founder and chief executive officer of ObjectiveHealth. “Reaching this milestone of 30 sites supports one of our key goals of expanding our reach: offering the opportunity to participate in research to an ever-broader patient population.”

ObjectiveHealth’s partnership model places its teams within the footprints of existing physician practices, enabling a seamless integration of clinical research where patients are at the forefront of the overall care process. This model not only supports doctors, but also supports their patients and where they live, resulting in a higher retention rate than the industry standard. Patients are able to receive new and innovative treatments not available outside of the clinical research process.

“At ObjectiveHealth, our unique approach to clinical research is centered around the patient experience, while also providing clear benefits for physicians and, ultimately, trial sponsors,” said Don Lazas, MD, co-founder and chief medical officer of ObjectiveHealth. “Combined with our innovative technology designed to streamline the research process and provide additional clarity to stakeholders, we aim to create the ideal environment to continue advancing medical research.”

With the addition of Amarillo Premier Research, ObjectiveHealth now has four partnered research sites in Texas. Its other research sites in Texas include: GMA Health Research in Graham; Digestive Research of Central Texas in Waco; and Digestive Research of North Texas in Wichita Falls.


ObjectiveHealth is a leading integrated research provider, partnering with physicians and healthcare organizations to establish an advanced infrastructure for research programs. The company takes an innovative approach to research that aims to improve patient outcomes at the point of care. Utilizing proprietary health-record-integrated technology, processes and trained on-site personnel, ObjectiveHealth delivers significant advances in the conduct of clinical research, benefiting clients and partners while providing broader care options for patients. With over 30 partnered programs across 16 states and more than 600 providers, ObjectiveHealth is poised for continued growth due to the realized value of its healthcare solutions for all stakeholders. To learn more, visit www.objective.health.