ObjectiveHealth Launches ObjectiveScreen, an Artificial Intelligence-Powered Feasibility and Recruitment Platform to Optimize Clinical Trial Performance

NASHVILLE, Tennessee, June 7, 2023 ObjectiveHealth, a Nashville-based integrated research and technology platform company, today announced the launch of ObjectiveScreen, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) feasibility and recruitment platform that optimizes clinical trial performance and outcomes through superior patient identification, prequalification and retention.

Powered by ObjectiveHealth’s cloud-based, proprietary AI and machine-learning (ML) algorithms, ObjectiveScreen allows clinical trial sites to connect directly with patient electronic health records (EHRs). Patient health risks are stratified against evidence-based physiologic and molecular biomarkers so users can identify in real time the most qualified candidates for specific clinical trials.

“At the point of care, we are using science and technology to improve care. Reducing clinical trial timelines and ensuring that enough qualified patients participate in a study is critical to accelerating approval of new treatments,” said Colleen Hoke, co-founder and chief executive officer of ObjectiveHealth. “ObjectiveScreen’s innovative data curation and matching technology give doctors access to real-time, actionable data that vastly accelerates the patient recruitment process so that new therapies can reach patients more quickly, save more lives and enhance health outcomes.”

The technology saves clinical sites considerable administrative time managing candidate records. Each time an EHR is linked, ObjectiveScreen’s sophisticated algorithms analyze the health data, automatically updating its clinical knowledge base while qualifying patients for the specific trials.

In addition to EHR analysis, ObjectiveScreen can review other patient data, including risk factors and demographic data such as age, gender, ethnicity and socioeconomic status, which can help identify candidates who may not have a diagnosis. Adding information from other sizable data sets significantly increases the pool of candidates, allowing users to recruit three times as many qualified candidates and accelerate enrollment by six to eight weeks.

ObjectiveScreen also fosters patient engagement by simplifying and streamlining appointments and communication. By linking with a healthcare provider’s scheduling application, users can easily arrange prescreen visits. ObjectiveScreen’s texting and calling capabilities allow clinical trial site users to communicate directly with patients about appointment reminders and rescheduling options. Users can also monitor patients over multiple visits and recommend new studies if patients did not qualify for a previous trial.

“Our pioneering solution helps the clinical research industry overcome two of its biggest pain points: patient recruitment and retention,” said Josh O’Rourke, chief technology officer of ObjectiveHealth. “The success of the sites using our platform — a 90% patient retention rate compared to a 70% industry average — is a testament to the impact that our technology can have in improving patient participation and clinical trial outcomes.”

ObjectiveScreen is the latest innovation from ObjectiveHealth, which is transforming clinical trials through AI and ML technology. The company recently debuted ObjectiveView, a portal for clinical trial sponsors that allows users unparalleled visibility into study and site-specific quality performance metrics. With ObjectiveView, sponsors can view completed chart reviews, demographics, reasons for exclusion, patient eligibility metrics and the number of patients ready for their first screening visits. Enrollment and participation metrics are visually streamlined to help sponsors quickly understand the status of enrollment goals to ensure they are being met.

To learn more about ObjectiveScreen, visit: objective.health/our-technology/objectivescreen.


About ObjectiveHealth

ObjectiveHealth is a leading integrated research provider, partnering with physicians and healthcare organizations to establish an advanced infrastructure for research programs. The company takes an innovative approach to research that aims to improve patient outcomes at the point of care. Utilizing proprietary health-record-integrated technology, processes and trained on-site personnel, ObjectiveHealth delivers significant advances in the conduct of clinical research, benefiting clients and partners while providing broader care options for patients. With more than 30 partnered programs across 16 states and more than 600 providers, ObjectiveHealth is poised for continued growth due to the realized value of its healthcare solutions for all stakeholders. To learn more, visit objective.health.